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[1] Volatile surfactant assisted mocvd of oxide materials / A. A. Molodyk, A. R. Kaul, O. Y. Gorbenko et al. // J. Phys. IV France. — 1999. — Vol. 9, no. 8. — P. Pr8–709–Pr8–716. J. Phys. IV France 09 (1999) Pr8-709-Pr8-716 Abstract A new approach to improve the crystalline quality of MOCVD derived oxide films is proposed. The approach is to deposit the films in the presence of volatile surfactants, thus it is named Volatile Surfactant Assisted MOCVD (VSA MOCVD). The surfactants are low melting volatile oxides, particularly, PbO and Bi2O3, which have been used in our work. The approach was examined in the deposition of BaTiO3, LaAlO3, MgAl2O4, CeO2, and ZrO2 (Y2O3) epitaxial films. Improved crystallinity and surface morphology of the VSA MOCVD derived films in comparison with the films deposited using thermal MOCVD were evidenced with XRD, HREM, AFM, EDX and RBS characterizations. Also the effects of surfactants on film composition and deposition rate were studied and discussed. A model of the process is proposed. [ DOI ]

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