Some characteristics of the GLE on 2017 September 10статья

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[1] Some characteristics of the gle on 2017 september 10 / V. Kurt, A. Belov, K. Kudela, B. Yushkov // Contributions of the Astronomical Observatory Skalnate Pleso. — 2018. — Vol. 48. — P. 329–338. We present a short overview of the event associated with the recent strong solar are on 10 September 2017 (X8.2) based on the available data both from satellite GOES-13 and from selected neutron monitors. The onset time of SPE/GLE at 1AU was found between 16:06 and 16:08 UT. The GLE effect was anisotropic with a maximum increase of 6%. The maximum energy of accelerated protons was about 6 GeV. We estimated the release time of sub-relativistic protons into open field lines as 15:53 - 15:55 UT.

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