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[1] Smart energetic nano-sized co-crystals: Exploring fast structure formation and decomposition / D. David, R. Martin, B. Manfred et al. // Crystal Growth and Design. — 2016. The interest toward co-crystals of energetic materials explains by the fact that they can offer better thermodynamic stability and tunable sensitivity and detonation performance. In the present work, a combination of DSC, ultra-fast chip calorimetry, high-resolution X-ray powder diffraction and nano-focus X-ray diffraction was employed to investigate the thermal behavior and structure formation in nano-sized co-crystals of CL-20 with HMX and TNT prepared using Spray Flash Evaporation (SFE). The CL-20/HMX co-crystal does not reveal any thermal transitions up to the thermal decomposition. In contrast, CL-20/TNT exhibits an irreversible melting transition. Upon melting, it can rapidly crystallize on heating or, at a slower pace, at room temperature to form homo-crystals of γCL-20, the polymorph stable at high temperature. These observations constitute the first evidence of a CL-20 crystallization process, which occurs from the melt and not from solution. The solid-liquid phase separation occurring during heating of a CL-20/TNT melt may explain its complex thermal decomposition process as compared to that of CL-20/HMX: the main exothermic peak of decomposition can be assigned to that of a pure CL-20. [ DOI ]

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