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[1] Solovyev A. A., Chekarev K. V., Solovyev D. A. Low-grade heat in production of electricity // The Paper of Independent Autors. — 2018. — Vol. 43. — P. 173–182. Several technical solutions of using low-grade heat for cooling heat engines of power plants are considered. The methods of computer modeling of heat and mass transfer and aerodynamics and hydrodynamics were used to calculate the efficiency coefficient for cooling circulating water of power plants for two types of evaporative cooling towers with a natural drought and different classes of configuration of water and air flows: counter flow and cross flow. The growth of the efficiency coefficient was established for natural drought towers with external heat transfer compared to conventional cooling towers where the heat transfer occurs inside the tower. It is printed in the USA, Lulu Inc., catalogue 23011314 ISBN 978-1-387-87164-3 EAN-13 9772225671006 ISSN 2225-6717.

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