3D Matrix Burners: A Method for Small-Scale Syngas Productionстатья

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[1] 3d matrix burners: A method for small-scale syngas production / V. S. Arutyunov, V. M. Shmelev, A. N. Rakhmetov, O. V. Shapovalova // Industrial and Engineering Chemistry Research. — 2014. — Vol. 53, no. 5. — P. 1754–1759. An urgent need in flexible low-scale gas-chemical technologies for processing and transporting unconventional and remote low-debit gas resources makes it necessary to develop methods for effective low-scale conversion of natural gas into syngas. The paper describes a principally new type of re-former based on the gas-phase conversion of hydrocarbons into syngas in 3D matrix burners, which can be used in many low-scale applications. The effective convective and radiant recuperation of heat of combustion products to the matrix and then to incoming fresh gas, along with the absence of radiation losses in the closed cavity of the matrix, lowers the limit of stable combustion of rich methane−air mixture to an oxygen excess coefficient of α < 0.4. This simple noncatalytic gas-phase process makes it possible to attain H2 and CO yields very close to thermodynamically equilibrium values.

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