Background Conditions for the October 29, 2003 Solar Flare by the AVS-F Apparatus Dataстатья

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[1] Background conditions for the october 29, 2003 solar flare by the avs-f apparatus data / I. V. Arkhangelskaja, A. I. Arkhangelskiy, A. R. Lyapin, E. V. Troitskaya // Physics procedia. — 2015. — Vol. 74. — P. 281–286. The background model for AVS-F apparatus onboard CORONAS-F satellite for the October 29, 2003 X10-class solar flare is discussed in the presented work. This background model developed for AVS-F counts rate in the low- and high-energy spectral ranges in both individual channels and summarized. Count rate were approximated by polynomials of high order taking into account the mean count rate in the geomagnetic equatorial region at the different orbits parts and Kp-index averaged on 5 bins in time interval from −24 to −12 hours before the time of geomagnetic equator passing. The observed averaged counts rate on equator in the region of geomagnetic latitude ±5o and estimated minimum count rate values are in coincidence within statistical errors for all selected orbits parts used for background modeling. This model will used to refine the estimated energy of registered during the solar flare spectral features and detailed analysis of their temporal profiles behavior both in corresponding energy bands and in summarized energy range. [ DOI ]

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