Liquid-Crystalline Ordering of Filaments Formed by Bidisperse Amphiphilic Macromoleculesстатья Исследовательская статья

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[1] Glagolev M. K., Vasilevskaya V. V. Liquid-crystalline ordering of filaments formed by bidisperse amphiphilic macromolecules // Высокомолекулярные соединения. Серия C. — 2018. — Vol. 60, no. 1. — P. 44–52. Self-organization in mixtures of amphiphilic macromolecules with helical backbone having two different degrees of polymerization was studied by means of molecular dynamics simulations. It was found that in semi-dilute solutions bidispersity leads to increase of average aggregation number compared with monodisperse solutions and promotes formation of long wire-like aggregates, containing both short and long macromolecules. In concentrated mixtures the structure of the aggregates is similar, they also contain both types of macromolecules and are nematically ordered. The values of orientational order parameter of both types of macromolecules in concentrated solutions are identical. [ DOI ]

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