Some New and Previous Materials on Alpine Magmatism, Tectonics, Melt and Fluid Inclusions, and Metallogeny in Eastern Iranстатья

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[1] Some new and previous materials on alpine magmatism, tectonics, melt and fluid inclusions, and metallogeny in eastern iran / A. Romanko, N. A. Imamverdiyev, V. Prokofiev et al. // International Journal of Mining Sciences. — 2018. — Vol. 4, no. 1. — P. 11–28. The Alpine tectonic-magmatic-metallogenic events in eastern Iran, Middle East and also in Lesser Caucasus - mainly Late Cenozoic (by N.A. Imamverdiyev et al.) have some common similarities. Important geological – metallogenic +- OIL / HC correlation for the Alpine time exists (metallogeny of East Iran led by outstanding regional trio: E. Romanko, A. Houshmandzadeh, and M.A.A. Nogole-Sadat). Geological northeastern (NE) zoning and “hot” tectonics due to the African superplume activity including, probably, known delamination of lithosphere during collision of mantle lithosphere ca. 13 Ma is principal here. Intraplate alkaline-subalkaline rocks of the region studied including Quaternary real carbonatites of Hanneshin, Afghanistan were derived from enriched African superplume-related mantle sources being enriched in HFSE - Nb, Ta, Zr, Y, P, Ti. Late Cenozoic High-K calc-alkaline rocks in the Lesser Caucasus could be deal with African superplume activity too despite their subduction-related rock geochemistry. Important data exist about a general meridianal-close (ca. N-S) zoning of oil / hydrocarbons (HC), muds, salts etc. here. This is one of arguments in favor of deep HC input alongside to traditional HC interpretation too. Large regional economic Cu-Au porphyry etc. metallogeny deals mainly with Eocene (Pg2) shoshonite – latite series rocks formed during subduction of Arabian plate beneath the Central Iran. [ DOI ]

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