Study of the CLAVATA3/ESR-related (CLE) peptides on Arabidopsis primary root growthтезисы доклада

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[1] Грушевская М. С., Стриж И. Г. Study of the clavata3/esr-related (cle) peptides on arabidopsis primary root growth // Abstracts Annual Main Meeting Prague 2015. — Society for Experimental Biology UK, 2015. — P. 175–175. The role of the CLE peptides especially in plant root growth and development has been established in plenty of scientific papers. The role of the first one established CLE peptide - CLV3p also seems to be clear in shoot apical meristem maintenance. However it is not so clear how it influences on root growth. It is well known, that about 1μM of the chemically synthetic peptide analog inhibit the root growth of the 14 days after germination plants. In this study we have tested two hypotheses. First, how the much lower concentration of this peptide or its absence could affect the root growth. Second, is the well known root growth inhibition effect could be observed during the early Arabidopsis growth stages. We have found no much difference in root length between wt and clv3-2 seedlings on 4th day after germination, but statistically clear difference on the 7th and 8th day. We have tested influence of the Arabidopsis thaliana chemically synthesized CLV3p on root growth in concentrations from 1fM to 1μM.

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