Экологический аспект государственной промышленной политикистатья

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[1] Бутаков П. В. Экологический аспект государственной промышленной политики // Biodiversity and wildlife conservation ecological issue. Proceedings of International conference of young scientists, dedicated to the 70th Anniversary of the National Academy of Sciences of Armenia (Armenia, Tsaghkadzor. — Yerevan, 2013. — С. 341–343. The article concludes that the possibility of building an environmentally-oriented economy through the transition to a new technological way to the production of high value added products. Thus, the economy and the environment are not in conflict, but are in a complex interaction. Offered a departure from resource-based economy, through the integration of EurAsEC. Key words: Industrial policy, industrialization, EurAsEC. [ DOI ]

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