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[1] Gigaton volume detector in lake baikal: status of the project / G. Domogatsky, A. D. Avrorin, A. V. Avrorin et al. // Proceedings of XVII International Workshop on Neutrino Telescopes — PoS(NEUTEL2017). — Sissa Medialab, 2018. Baikal-GVD is a kilometer-scale neutrino telescope under construction in Lake Baikal, which will be formed by multi-megaton subarrays – clusters of strings. A first demonstration cluster “Dubna” has been deployed in 2015 and comprises 192 optical modules (OMs). In 2016 this cluster was upgraded to the baseline configuration which comprises 288 OMs arranged at eight strings. The second full-scale GVD-cluster was deployed and put in operation in 2017. We review the present activity towards the GVD implementation and discuss some selected results obtained with the “Dubna” cluster. [ DOI ]

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