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[1] Strzh I. How biological education should be improved at a local university // Abstracts Annual Main Meeting Prague 2015. — Society for Experimental Biology UK, 2015. — P. 154–154. Everybody understands that an education in biology is a very valuable and exciting process for University students. However all students seem to be hardly involved in the process. Biology is the one of the most comprehensive fields of the Science. It is based not only on Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics, but also Geography, History, Philosophy and other disciplines that are important as well. To realize even the simplest biological phenomenon, students must become conversant with multiple basic disciplines. Is this achievable during the course of a three year program of study? I believe it is, but only if you have good background, motivation and outstanding professors. Motivation is a critical factor. We opened a dialogue with students to help them understand that not just their diploma, but knowledge per se is very important for them, for their country and for the whole world. An additional problem, particularly in our University is that the basic Biological disciplines such as Biochemistry and Molecular Biology are given only in the third and fourth years courses, but some special disciplines like Plant Physiology, Human and Animal Physiology and others require prior knowledge of these areas. It is very difficult to understand specialized courses if you do not yet have basic knowledge. In my opinion, to teach well, requires that we introduce modern technology-oriented molecular biology based disciplines for students in the first years of their education. Well equipped practical and laboratory courses are the necessary and the important part of effective University education.

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