CLV-3 dodecapeptide affects PINs in Arabidopsis primary rootтезисы доклада

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Работа с тезисами доклада

[1] Стриж И. Г., Грушевская М. С., Скрипников А. Clv-3 dodecapeptide affects pins in arabidopsis primary root // Abstracts Annual Main Meeting Prague 2015. — Society for Experimental Biology UK, 2015. — P. 185–185. It is well known that high auxin concentration inhibits root growth, but lower ones can change plant root developmental program. PIN transporters that are responsible for the auxin transport and its redistribution certainly are involved in these phenomena. However it is not so clear what do affect auxin transporters? Last decade significance of the CLE peptides especially in plant root growth and development has been shown in plenty of scientific papers. The role of the first one established CLE-like peptide - CLV3p is clear in shoot apical meristem maintenance, however the mechanisms why it stops the root growth are not so clear yet. We have tested the well-established concentration of 1μM chemically synthesized dodecaepeptide CLV3- analog on distribution and fluorescent intensity of the PIN1:GFP, PIN2:GFP, PIN3:GFP in the primary root of the Arabidopsis. We have observed that CLV3 dodecapeptide do affect PINs.

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