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[1] Klain B. I., Kurazhkovskaya N. A., Kurazhkovskii A. Y. Intermittency in wave processes // Izvestiya - Physics of the Solid Earth. — 2008. — Vol. 44, no. 10. — P. 776–784. The paper generalizes results of study of the intermittency pattern in some wave processes of the burst type in the high-latitude magnetosphere of the Earth. Based on the analysis of distributions of amplitudes and interpeak intervals, it is shown that generation regimes of magnetic impulse events, ipcl pulsation burst series, and Pi3 pulsations possess the properties of intermittent processes and are associated with the development of plasma turbulence in their generation regions. The degree of turbulence of the high-latitude magnetosphere plasma is estimated at a qualitative level. Burst-type structures whose behavior corresponds to a typical intermittent process are discovered in variations of the ancient geomagnetic field. [ DOI ]

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