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[1] On methods for implementation of arithmetic operations in cryptographic systems / A. A. Bolotov, S. B. Gashkov, A. B. Frolov, A. A. Chasovskikh // Journal of Computer and Systems Sciences International. — 2002. — Vol. 41, no. 1. — P. 82–92. Modifications of classical algorithms for multiplication and division of polynomials, which are effi- cient for a small number of nonzero coefficients of one factor or of the divisor, respectively, are considered. Ahybrid algorithm for multiplication of polynomials in GF(2n) that involves a modification of the classical algorithm or of the Karatsuba method, depending on the form of the factors, and a method for reduction to the standard basis with respect to an irreducible polynomial with a small number of nonzero coefficients are con- structed. A modification of a known method and a new method for raising polynomials to a power and inverting them are described. The complexity estimates for these methods and the results of experiments on the corre- sponding software as applied to the problems of elliptic curve cryptography are analyzed.

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