Tricosane (C23H48) and Octacosane (C28H58) mixture phase transition insight via Light scattering techniquesстатья

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[1] Kuryakov V. N., De Sanctis Lucentini P. G., Ivanova D. D. Tricosane (c23h48) and octacosane (c28h58) mixture phase transition insight via light scattering techniques // IOP Conference Series. — 2018. — Vol. 347. — P. 012034. In this study we analyse several emulsion samples of pure Tricosane (C23H48) and Octacosane (C28H58) paraffins as well as their mixtures with different component concentrations, prepared by means of ultrasonic dispersion without the addition of surfactants. We show that from the measurements of Static Light Scattering temperature dependences it is possible to determine the phase transition temperatures of the paraffins emulsion during the heating and cooling cycles (melting, crystallization and rotator phases). The results for the pure paraffin are in good agreement with the literature data. We produce the outcomes of the Dynamic Light Scattering technique to determine the cluster size of the obtained emulsions (radius 70-120 nm). Those emulsions proved to remain stable during several months. [ DOI ]

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