Evaluating the Runoff of Global Fallout cesium-137 from Landscapes of the Ob River Basinстатья Перевод

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[1] Semenkov I. N., Miroshnikov A. Y. Evaluating the runoff of global fallout cesium-137 from landscapes of the ob river basin // Water Resources. — 2015. — Vol. 42, no. 7. — P. 889–896. The activity of cesium-137 from global atmospheric fallouts was studied in the soils of three 1st order catchment basins in the taiga, subtaiga, and forest-steppe zones in the Ob basin. cesium-137 runoff from those catchment basins was evaluated to give 0.48–5.0 in the taiga, 14.9–15.3 in the subtaiga, and 4.1–15.7 mCi/km2 in the forest-steppe zones. The published data on sediment delivery coefficients and the level oped typification of river basins were used to extrapolate the obtained data on 137Cs runoff to the area of developed semihumid and humid river basins under natural vegetation. The runoff of global fallout 137Cs from the Ob Basin never exceeds 4% of its total reserves. [ DOI ]

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