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[1] Kleshch V. I., Obraztsov A. N., Obraztsova E. D. Modeling of field emission from nano carbons // Fullerenes Nanotubes and Carbon Nanostructures. — 2008. — Vol. 16, no. 5-6. — P. 384–388. We report here a comparative study by computer modeling of cold cathodes made from carbon nanotubes and plate-like graphite nanocrystallites. To simulate the infinite arrays of emitters the 3D Laplace problem with periodic boundary conditions has been solved. The obtained values of electric field strength were used for calculation of the emission current density in accordance with Fowler-Nordheim equation. We considered the nano-carbon film as a flat array of cylinders (nanotubes) and planes (nanoflakes) with perpendicular orientation to the substrate. We have found the dependences of field enhancement factor beta and current densities on distance between emitters. As a result we have obtained the optimum distances between emitters where the emission is strongest for both types of cathodes. These results have been verified experimentally. [ DOI ]

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