Special Features of Single-Particle Proton Spectra of Nickel, Zinc, and Germanium Isotopes in the Vicinity of the Proton Drip Lineстатья

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[1] Special features of single-particle proton spectra of nickel, zinc, and germanium isotopes in the vicinity of the proton drip line / O. V. Bespalova, T. A. Ermakova, A. A. Klimochkina et al. // Physics of Atomic Nuclei. — 2015. — Vol. 78, no. 7. — P. 873–880. The single-particle proton spectra of the neutron-deficient isotopes 50,52Ni, 56,58,60,62Zn, and 60,62,64Ge were calculated on the basis of the dispersive optical model whose parameters were extrapolated from the region of stable isotopes. The resulting parameter values lead to agreement between the total number of protons in bound states and the charge number Z of the respective nucleus. The results of the calculations are indicative of a weakly magic character of the 58Zn nucleus, which has a traditional magic number of N = 28 and a nearly magic number of Z = 30, and the 64Ge nucleus, for which N = Z = 32. [ DOI ]

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