Molecular data to elucidate taxonomy in Seseli sect. Seseli (Apiaceae) of East Mediterranean and Southern Europeстатья

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[1] Molecular data to elucidate taxonomy in seseli sect. seseli (apiaceae) of east mediterranean and southern europe / D. Lyskov, G. E. Dogan, T. Samigullin et al. // Nordic Journal of Botany. — 2018. — Vol. 36, no. 9. — P. 1–9. The taxonomy of the type section of the genus Seseli has been revised based on the new obtained molecular data. Type species of the genus Seseli tortuosum is shown to be a polyphyletic taxon and is split into two species: the Western Mediterranean S. tortuosum and the Eastern Mediterranean S. arenarium. The Turkish endemics S. hartvigii, S. serpentinum, and S. andronakii, and the Transcaucasian S. grandivittatum form a complex of closely related species together with S. arenarium. The results of the molecular analysis obviously confirm the specific rank for S. corymbosum, S. phrygium and S. paphlagonicum and the status of S. gummiferum as distinct from either of these three. The latter species is strictly endemic to Crimea and does not occur in Turkey. [ DOI ]

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