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[1] Precision luminosity measurements at lhcb / C. LHCb, А. В. Бережной, А. К. Лефлат et al. // Journal of Instrumentation. — 2014. — Vol. 9, no. 12. — P. P12005. Measuring cross-sections at the LHC requires the luminosity to be determined accurately at each centre-of-mass energy s√. In this paper results are reported from the luminosity calibrations carried out at the LHC interaction point 8 with the LHCb detector for s√=2.76,7 and 8TeV (proton-proton collisions) and for sNN−−−√=5TeV (proton-lead collisions). Both the "van der Meer scan" and "beam-gas imaging" luminosity calibration methods were employed. It is observed that the beam density profile cannot always be described by a function that is factorizable in the two transverse coordinates. The introduction of a two-dimensional description of the beams improves significantly the consistency of the results. For proton-proton interactions at s√=8TeV a relative precision of the luminosity calibration of 1.47
van der Meer scans and 1.43
combined precision of 1.12
determines the luminosity with a precision of 1.16
most precise luminosity measurement achieved so far at a bunched-beam hadron collider. [ DOI ]

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