An EXAFS study of the local structure of the PbxSn1-xS solid solutionстатья

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[1] Lebedev A. I., Sluchinskaya I. A., Munro I. H. An exafs study of the local structure of the pbxsn1-xs solid solution // Physics of the Solid State. — 2002. — Vol. 44, no. 9. — P. 1643–1647. The local environment of the Pb atom in PbxSn1−xS solid solutions with cubic and orthorhombic structures was studied by EXAFS spectroscopy. The shortest Pb-S distance in samples with orthorhombic structure was found to be smaller by ≈0.2 Å than that in cubic-structure samples, which is a sign of stereochemical activity of the two paired 6s2 electrons of the Pb atom. The metal atom arrangement reveals strong short-range order, which results in the formation of-Pb-Sn-Pb-Sn-... zigzag chains aligned with the c axis (in the Pbnm system) in orthorhombic samples. It was shown that the onset of such short-range order in Pb0.5Sn0.5S can initiate the formation of superstructures belonging to the C_2v2 or C_2v7 space groups. [ DOI ]

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