V1239 Her light curves in quiescence (Khruzina+, 2015)статья

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[1] V1239 her light curves in quiescence (khruzina+, 2015) / T. S. Khruzina, P. Y. Golysheva, N. A. Katysheva et al. // VizieR Online Data Catalog. — yCat..80920323K. — SIMBAD, 2015. — P. 1. Our observations of V1239 Her began in 2004 and continued until July 2014. This paper presents the results of our analysis for data from nine nights in 2013-2014 obtained without a filter (in white, or integrated, light) during the system's quiescence. We observed the object with the 1.25-m telescope of Moscow State University's Crimean Station using a VersArray 1340 CCD, with the 60-cm Zeiss-600 telescope of the Astronomical Institute of the Slovak Academy of Sciences (Tatranska Lomnica, Slovak Republic) using a FLI ML 3041 CCD, and with the Zeiss-1000 telescope of the Special Astrophysical Observatoty (SAO, Russian Academy of Sciences) using a E2V 4000x2000 CCD camera.

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