Spectrum of V1831 Aql (N Aql 2015) in the short-wave optical rangeстатья

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[1] Goranskij V. P., Barsukova E. A. Spectrum of v1831 aql (n aql 2015) in the short-wave optical range // The Astronomer’s Telegram. — 2015. — no. 8150. — P. 1–1. We have taken an optical spectrum of the highly obscured Galactic nova V1831 Aql (PNV J19215012+1509248, ASASSN-15qd; ATel #8126, #8127, #8136, #8142) using the SAO RAS 1-m telescope and the UAGS spectrograph. The exposure of the spectrum was 3.6 ks centered on 2015 Oct 6.72 UT, spectral range 3800-5247 Å, spectral resolution 3 Å, signal-to-noise ratio >10. In this spectrum, the stellar continuum is visible by the red side from 4500 Å. The spectrum is dominated by strong lines of H-beta, Fe II 4924, 5018, 5169 (blend), 5235 Å. Equivalent widths of H-beta, FeII 4924 and 5018 Å are the following: 150, 43 and 65 Å, respectively. All the lines have double profiles with a division of peaks at 740 km/s. H-beta and Fe II lines have almost equal half-widths, FWHM ∼ 1350 km/s (corrected for resolution). The blue peak in H-beta is more intensive than red one by about 50 per cent, whereas peaks of Fe II lines are of equal intensity. Our observation confirms the Williams Fe II classification based on infrared data published in ATel #8142.

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