On the Essence of High Photosensitivity of a-Si:H Layered Filmsстатья

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[1] Kurova I. A., Ormont N. N. On the essence of high photosensitivity of a-si:h layered films // Russian Microelectronics. — 2011. — Vol. 40, no. 8. — P. 616–619. It is established that layered a-Si:H films grown by cyclic deposition with by-layer annealing in hydrogen plasma are characterized by high photosensitivity, which, at room temperature, exceeds by more than an order of magnitude the photosensitivity of regular nondoped a-Si:H films grown by deposition in the plasmaof an HF glowing discharge. The high photosensitivity is determined by small dark conductance and the high photoconductance of layered films in the range of room temperature. It is demonstrated that this can be stipulated by the existence of sensitizing levels, related with higher oxygen concentrations at layer's interface and the low concentratin of broken silicon bonds in the depth of layers with a more ordered structure. DOI: 10.1134/S1063739711080129. [ DOI ]

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