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[1] Andrianov N., Bratvedt K., Myasnikov A. Implicit 1-d transport solvers for a streamline simulator for fractured reservoirs // SPE Europec/EAGE Annual Conference and Exhibition held in London, United Kingdom, 11-14 June 2007. — SPE 10747. — SPE/EAGE London, UK, 2007. Naturally fractured reservoirs can be seen as a set of low permeability matrix rock blocks and a high permeability network of fracture channels. This representation is conventionally described by a dual porosity model, which is the one used in the present work. More precisely, the porosities and absolute permeabilities at each point of a reservoir are considered to be those of two interpenetrating continua, the matrix and the fractures one. It is also assumed that the flow occurs in fractures only, i.e., the matrix permeability is equal to zero. Mass transfer between matrix and fractures is modeled by empirically determined transfer functions.

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