Nonlinear coupled Rossby-type and Inertio-Gravity waves in Self-Gravitating Systemsстатья

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[1] Nonlinear coupled rossby-type and inertio-gravity waves in self-gravitating systems / O. A. Pokhotelov, V. V. Khruschev, P. K. Shukla et al. // Physica Scripta. — 1998. — Vol. 58. — P. 618–621. A dispersion relation is derived for the azimuthal propagation of inertio-gravity and gravitational Rossby waves in a nonuniform self-gravitating system. The instability condition for the azimuthally propagating perturbations and its possible application to the formation of galaxy disk spirals is discussed. In the region where the system is stable, the nonlinear coupling between inertio-gravity and gravitational Rossby waves is considered, accounting for the action of the low frequency force associated with the inertio-gravity waves. It is shown that this interaction is governed by a pair of equations, which can be useful for studying the modulational instability of a constant amplitude inertio-gravity wave as well as the dynamics of nonlinearly coupled inertio-gravity and gravitating Rossby waves. [ DOI ]

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