Flash-induced conductance changes in chloroplast thylakoid lamellae. A patch-clamp studyстатья

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1. Полный текст Bioelectr. Bioenerg 1997 (flash-induced conductance) BEB_97.pdf 789,6 КБ 25 марта 2016 [bulychev]

[1] Flash-induced conductance changes in chloroplast thylakoid lamellae. a patch-clamp study / T. v. Voorthuysen, A. A. Bulychev, H. A. Dassen Hans et al. // Bioelectrochemistry and bioenergetics. — 1997. — Vol. 43, no. 1. — P. 41–49. A patch-clamp method was used for measuring flash-induced currents (photocurrents) in Peperomia metallica chloroplasts at different holding potentials (Vh) in a ‘whole-thylakoid’ configuration. The applied holding potentials modified the kinetics of the photocurrents dramatically. A partially reversible, transient decrease in the magnitude of the holding current was observed with a minimum at 50–200 ms after the flash followed by a slow relaxation in 1–10 s. Under similar conditions the chloroplast input (seal) conductance was followed by phase-sensitive detection with sine-wave potential modulation. The seal conductance was found to decrease transiently by 0.3–5% after a single-turnover flash and much more upon continuous illumination or repetitive flashes. The kinetics of these conductance changes were comparable to the current profile as revealed by subtracting the current traces measured in the absence and presence, respectively, of a holding potential. A major part of the conductance changes are suggested to be intimately related to alterations in the electrical properties of the lateral conductance phases along the thylakoid lamellae. The changes are extremely sensitive to agents that modify ion transport and exchange processes in the membrane and its adjoining phases. The patch-clamp method is unique for quantifying these conductance changes in intact chloroplasts on a ms time scale. [ DOI ]

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