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[1] Zadora A., Gal'tsov D. V., Chen C.-M. Higher- n triangular dilatonic black holes // Physics Letters B. — 2018. — Vol. 779. — P. 249–256. Dilaton gravity with the form fields is known to possess dyon solutions with two horizons for the discrete (“triangular”) values of the dilaton coupling constant a = pn(n + 1)/2. From this sequence only n = 1, 2 members were known analytically so far. We present two new n = 3, 5 triangular solutions for the theory with different dilaton couplings a, b in electric and magnetic sectors in which case the quantization condition reads ab = n(n + 1)/2. These are derived via the Toda chains for B2 and G2 Lie algebras. Solutions are found in the closed form in general D space-time dimensions. They satisfy the entropy product rules and have negative binding energy in the extremal case. [ DOI ]

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