Constant curvature black holes in Einstein AdS gravity: Euclidean action and thermodynamicsстатья

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[1] Guilleminot P., Olea R., Petrov A. N. Constant curvature black holes in einstein ads gravity: Euclidean action and thermodynamics // Physical Review D. — 2018. — Vol. 97, no. 5 (30 March). — P. 064046–1–064046–6. We compute the Euclidean action for constant curvature black holes (CCBHs), as an attempt to associate thermodynamic quantities to these solutions of Einstein anti-de Sitter (AdS) gravity. CCBHs are gravitational configurations obtained by identifications along isometries of a D-dimensional globally AdS space, such that the Riemann tensor remains constant. Here, these solutions are interpreted as extended objects, which contain a (D - 2)- dimensional de-Sitter brane as a subspace. Nevertheless, the computation of the free energy for these solutions shows that they do not obey standard thermodynamic relations. [ DOI ]

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