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[1] Amplitude calibration with the hiscore-9 array / S. Epimakhov, M. Br¨uckner, N. Budnev et al. // Journal of Physics: Conference Series. — 2015. — Vol. 632. — P. 012007. HiSCORE is a non-imaging wide-angle Cherenkov array for the detection of extensive air showers induced by ultrahigh energy gamma-rays above 10 TeV and cosmic ray studies above 100 TeV. In October 2013 a 9-station engineering array has been deployed in Tunka valley. For HiSCORE-9, two DAQ systems are being used. The second system is a DRS4 based acquisition system with WhiteRabbit integrated time synchronization. We present the first results on the amplitude calibration from the data of this DAQ system. [ DOI ]

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