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[1] Blokhintsev L. D., Savin D. A. Asymptotic normalization coefficients in a potential model involving forbidden states // Physics of Atomic Nuclei. — 2018. — Vol. 81, no. 2. — P. 166–173. It is shown that values obtained for asymptotic normalization coefficients by means of a potential fitted to experimental data on elastic scattering depend substantially on the presence and the number n of possible forbidden states in the fitted potential. The present analysis was performed within exactly solvable potential models for various nuclear systems and various potentials without and with allowance for Coulomb interaction. Various methods for changing the number n that are based on the use of various versions of the change in the parameters of the potential model were studied. A compact analytic expression for the asymptotic normalization coefficients was derived for the case of the Hulth en potential. Specifically, the d + α and α +12C systems, which are of importance for astrophysics, were examined. It was concluded that an incorrect choice of n could lead to a substantial errors in determining the asymptotic normalization coefficients. From the results of our calculations, it also follows that, for systems with a low binding energy and, as a consequence, with a large value of the Coulomb parameter, the inclusion of the Coulomb interaction may radically change the asymptotic normalization coefficients, increasing them sharply. [ DOI ]

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