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[1] Native nir-emitting single colour centres in cvd diamond / M. D. Gatto, P. Traina, E. Moreva et al. // New Journal of Physics. — 2014. — Vol. 16, no. 5. Single-photon sources are a fundamental element for developing quantum technologies, and sources based on colour centres in diamonds are among the most promising candidates. The well-known NV centres are characterized by several limitations, thus few other defects have recently been considered. In the present work, we characterize in detail native efficient single colour centres emitting in the near infra-red in both standard IIa single-crystal and electronic-grade polycrystalline commercial CVD diamond samples. In the former case, a high-temperature annealing process in vacuum is necessary to induce the formation/activation of luminescent centres with good emission properties, while in the latter case the annealing process has marginal beneficial effects on the number and performances of native centres in commercially available samples. Although displaying significant variability in several photo physical properties (emission wavelength, emission rate instabilities, saturation behaviours), these centres generally display appealing photophysical properties for applications as single photon sources: short lifetimes, high emission rates and strongly polarized light. The native centres are tentatively attributed to impurities incorporated in the diamond crystal during the CVD growth of high-quality type IIa samples, and offer promising perspectives in diamond-based photonics. [ DOI ]

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