Design of a Combined Setup for Simultaneous Measurements of the Microstructural and Thermo-analytical Parameters of Nanogram-size Samplesстатья

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[1] Design of a combined setup for simultaneous measurements of the microstructural and thermo-analytical parameters of nanogram-size samples / R. Martin, A. P. Melnikov, A. A. Rychkov et al. // Applied Mechanics and Materials. — 2015. — Vol. 788. — P. 136–142. In the present paper, we describe an experimental setup combining micro- and nanofocus X-ray scattering and chip calorimetry (nanocalorimetry), which is designed for in-situ measurements on nanogram-size samples. Such combination of techniques capable to simultaneously probe the micro-structural and thermodynamic properties of materials can be useful for studies of materials having a complex phase behavior or prone to form metastable states. The setup is made compatible with micro- and nano-focus synchrotron beamlines. [ DOI ]

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