Equipment for In-Situ Studies of the Surface Structure of Thin Surface Layers in the Process of Their Formationстатья

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[1] Equipment for in-situ studies of the surface structure of thin surface layers in the process of their formation / V. A. Bataev, V. G. Burov, G. Souren et al. // Applied Mechanics and Materials. — 2015. — Vol. 788. — P. 301–305. Improving the technology of thin composite films with high photoelectric properties is possible by studying the relationship between the fine structure of these layers and their currentvoltage characteristics. Among various methods of monitoring structure changes in short periods of time X-ray diffractometry with the use of high intensity radiation sources occupies a prominent place. Using synchrotron radiation allows studying the structure of polymer films directly during their formation from a solution. Special equipment (in-situ chamber) is designed to allow simultaneous monitoring of the structure and the current-voltage properties of semiconductor polymer films during their deposition on the previously prepared substrate from the solution. The chamber equipped with a system for measuring current-voltage characteristics, a device for applying the solution onto a substrate and a system of monitoring and regulating the substrate temperature makes it possible to control remotely the conditions of film formation during continuous X-ray filming using a synchrotron radiation source. The developed in-situ chamber is intended for studying the photovoltaic conversion parameters of polymeric structure photocells both during their formation and using. The chamber can be used to study structural changes occurring under the influence of external factors in nanostructured semiconductors, metals and composite materials deposited in the form of nanoscale films. [ DOI ]

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