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[1] Nova v723 cas off in x-rays / J. U. Ness, V. P. Goranskij, K. L. Page et al. // The Astronomer’s Telegram. — 2015. — no. 8053. — P. 1–1. Nova V723 Cas, discovered 1995-08-24, was first observed in X-rays with Swift as a super soft source on 2006-01-31 (Ness et al., 2006, IAUC # 8676), 3813 days after discovery. It was then monitored in X-rays with Swift with roughly six months spacing with some results reported by Ness et al. (2008, AJ 135, 1328). Schwarz et al. (2011, ApJS 197, 31) reported on all X-ray data until day 5308 after outburst with all observations containing SSS emission. We report here on the last four X-ray observations that constrain the turn off (Date; Days after discovery; Exp. time(ks); Count rate (10^-3)): 2013-08-09/10, 6561, 1.46, 5+/-2; 2013-08-19, 6571, 0.63, < 13; 2014-04-01, 6795, 4.89, < 2; 2014-09-13, 6960, 4.85, < 2. The last detection was achieved on day 6561 after discovery while only 10 days later, the source was not detected. Unfortunately, the upper limit on day 6571 is too high to conclude that the source had turned off, but it had definitely turned off before day 6795. The total life time of this nova, from optical discovery to last signs of activity in X-rays, can thus be constrained between 6571-6960 days or 18-19 years.

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