Enhancement of Raman scattering in Subwave plasmonic nanostructures formed by ion-beam lithographyстатья

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[1] Enhancement of raman scattering in subwave plasmonic nanostructures formed by ion-beam lithography / D. A. Mamichev, I. A. Kuznetsov, А. В. Андреев et al. // Crystallography Reports. — 2014. — Vol. 59, no. 1. — P. 125–131. Subwave gratings with optimized architecture corresponding to the spectral position of resonances at desired wavelengths have been fabricated by ion-beam lithography. The structural and optical properties of the nanostructures have been studied. It is shown that experimental transmission (reflection) spectra are in good agreement with the theoretical spectra calculated within the grating-eigenmode model. An analysis of the Raman scattering of molecules adsorbed on the surface of gratings with optimized architecture demonstrates an increase in the Raman signal intensity from these molecules by four orders of magnitude. Highly sensitive sensors and various elements of optoelectronics can be developed based on these nanostructures. [ DOI ]

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