Fluxon Scattering as a Tool for Detection and Manipulations with Flux Qubit Statesтезисы доклада

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[1] Fluxon scattering as a tool for detection and manipulations with flux qubit states / I. Soloviev, N. V. Klenov, A. L. Pankratov et al. // International Conference Interaction of Superconductivity and Magnetism in Nanosystems book of abstacts. — Multiprint ( ООО ”ПКЦ АЛЬТЕКС” ) Moscow, 2015. — P. 53–54. We have considered relativistic luxon dynamics governed by the sine-Gordon equation and afected by short spatial inhomogeneities of the driving force and thermal noise. Developed analytical and numerical methods for calculation of luxon scattering at the inhomogeneities allowed us to examine the scatter- ing as a measurement tool for sensitive detection of superconducting lux qubit states. Diferent measurement schemes based on the scattering were optimized for signal-to-noise ratio maximization. The scattering was also considered as a tool for manipulation with the qubit states. Analysis of this type of manipula- tions with qubit states was performed in the frame of fully quantum description both analytically and numerically. In terms of the simplest model of two-level system with magnetic moment we analyzed the possibility of fast magnetization reversal on the picosecond timescale induced by unipolar magnetic pulse. In ad- dition, consideration of the magnetization reversal is fulilled in the framework of the macroscopic theory of the magnetic moment allowing the comparison and the explanation of quantum and classical behavior.

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