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[1] Samsonov T. Review of abstracting geographic information in a data rich world: Methodologies and applications of map generalisation // Cartographic Perspectives. — 2015. — no. 80. — P. 54–57. An ambitious “Abstracting Geographic Information in a Data Rich World” presents the cutting edge achievements in one of the most complicated areas of professional cartography — map generalisation. Ten hot research topics with introduction and conclusion that comprise this 400-page volume are tightly fitted into synoptic observation format that makes you feel the variety, deepness and breadth of contemporary map generalisation research. While fundamental 1991 work [1] edited by Buttenfield and McMaster (glorified by Dr. Anne Ruas as “generalization bible” in preface) concentrated on generalisation rules and knowledge engineering, this book follows the direction established by previous 2007 ICA “Generalisation of geographic information: Cartographic modeling and applications” effort [2]. It discussed the possibilities of on-demand mapping, real-time generalisation and agent-based systems that allow simultaneous generalisation of set of objects from different themes. The current volume is significantly more user-centric, wider in scope and tells primarily about solving complex high-level methodological and technological problems, while concealing many technical implementation details in bibliography list that is available to inquisitive readers. [ DOI ]

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