Live imaging of transgene expression in Cloudman S91 melanoma cells after polyplex-mediated gene deliveryстатья

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[1] Live imaging of transgene expression in cloudman s91 melanoma cells after polyplex-mediated gene delivery / M. O. Durymanov, A. V. Yarutkin, Y. V. Khramtsov et al. // Journal of Controlled Release. — 2015. — Vol. 215. — P. 73–81. Utilizing nanoparticles made of cationic polymers as gene carriers is a promising approach in cancer gene therapy. One of the major requirements for successful gene delivery is DNA translocation into the nuclei of cancer cells. Nuclear envelope breakdown during mitosis has been considered as the most favorable opportunity for DNA trans- location to the nucleus. Here, we aimed to study the influence of mitosis on polyplex-mediated gene delivery using time-lapse microscopy as a safe and accurate tool. Studying of reporter gene expression on a single cell level enabled to confirm the significance of cell division for gene delivery to Cloudman S91 melanoma cells, in spite of minor mitosis-independent transfection, and to discover some important details of polyplex delivery process. We have found that cell division can result in only one post-mitotic transfected cell of the two that could indicate non- uniform distribution of a very small number of intact plasmid DNA between daughter cells. According to our data, the shorter the time interval from polyplex addition to cell division, the longer time is required for the start of reporter gene expression after completed cytokinesis that presumably is a result of gradual polyplex dissociation in cell. Most probably, the development of new gene delivery carriers which would combine the strong ability to protect DNA and ability to release it during mitosis can provide an increase in intact DNA molecule number per cell, uniform DNA distribution between two post-mitotic cells, and fast reporter gene expression resulting in supe- rior transfection of proliferating cells. [ DOI ]

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