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[1] Volkov I. M., Bagaev L. A., Chochol D. Fast apsidal motion in gsc4292-0745 // Living Together: Planets, Host Stars, and Binaries. — Vol. 496 of ASP Conference Series. — Astronomical Society of the Pacific [Provo, Utah, etc.], United States, 2015. — P. 266–268. We have obtained the first photoelectric light curve of the eclipsing binary GSC 4292- 0745, discovered by Otero et al. (2006). These observations have enabled us to construct for the first time a consistent model of the binary and to discover the fast apsidal rotation of its orbit. The object is very important as a test of stellar evolution theory, and needs further photometric and spectroscopic observations. Interestingly, the star seems to be affected by very strong interstellar absorption, as are other young stars on elliptic orbits such as GG Ori (E(B−V) = 0.53; Volkov & Khaliullin 2002) or GSC 3152-1202 (E(B − V) = 1.71, our own unpublished measurement). Perhaps we are witnessing dissipated dusty circumstellar shells.

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