Systematic placement of the Turkish endemic genus Ekimia (Apiaceae) based on morphological and molecular dataстатья

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[1] Systematic placement of the turkish endemic genus ekimia (apiaceae) based on morphological and molecular data / D. Lyskov, G. Degtjareva, T. Samigullin, M. Pimenov // Turkish Journal of Botany. — 2015. — Vol. 39, no. 4. — P. 681–692. The systematic position of the monotypic genus Ekimia H.Duman & M.F.Watson (Apiaceae), a narrow endemic to Turkey,was evaluated on the basis of morphological data and nrDNA ITS sequences. Ekimia bornmuelleri (Hub.-Mor. & Reese) H.Duman & M.F.Watson was initially described in Prangos Lindl. Due to the unique fruit morphology uncommon for this genus it was later shifted to an independent genus. In the Bayesian and most parsimonious trees, E. bornmuelleri is sister to Laserpitium petrophilum Boiss. & Heldr and Laserpitium glaucum Post within the Daucinae clade. This result is consistent with its morphology: the presence of the primary and secondary ribs of E. bornmuelleri fruits brings the species closer to Laserpitium rather than Prangos. [ DOI ]

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