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[1] Shedding light on ageing of n – doped titania photocatalyst / T. Alexey, M. Anton, T. German et al. // Journal of Physical Chemistry C. — 2015. — Vol. 119, no. 32. — P. 18663–18670. A detailed analysis of nitrogen dopant behavior in nanostructured microspheres of the TiO2 photocatalyst obtained by the Thermally Assisted Reactions in Aqueous Sprays method has been performed for the first time using EPR, XPS and UV-vis and supported by theoretical simulation of possible defect structures. The nitrogen species were found to undergo the N• to N- transformation during samples storage under different conditions with its activation energy of about 0.45 eV. Three main possible evolution pathways for the dopant state were identified and discussed. It was established that the most probable transformation consists of migration of an oxygen vacancy site to an interstitial nitrogen atom followed by the formation of a non-paramagnetic substitution nitrogen center. Possible diffusion routes of oxygen vacancy and corresponding energy barriers were estimated and found to be in agreement with experimental observations. [ DOI ]

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