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[1] The higgs boson in the mssm in light of the lhc / V. D. Albornoz, G. Belanger, R. M. Godbole, A. Pukhov // Physical Review D. — 2012. — Vol. 85, no. 11. — P. 115013. We investigate the expectations for the light Higgs signal in the MSSM in di erent search channels at the LHC. After taking into account dark matter and avor constraints in the MSSM with eleven free parameters, we show that the light Higgs signal in the gamma,gamma channel is expected to be at most at the level of the SM Higgs, while the h-> bb from W fusion and/or the h-> tau,tau can be enhanced. For the main discovery mode, we show that a strong suppression of the signal occurs in two di fferent cases: low MA or large invisible width. A more modest suppression is associated with the e ffect of light supersymmetric particles. Looking for such modifi cation of the Higgs properties and searching for supersymmetric partners and pseudoscalar Higgs o er two complementary probes of supersymmetry. [ DOI ]

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