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[1] Iwanenko D. Interaction of neutrons and protons // Nature. — 1934. — Vol. 133. — P. 981–982. The first order effects are the expulsion (or absorption) of an electron, which case was treated recently by Fermi, or of a positron. We may remark that the application of Fermi's formalism to positron disintegration of light nuclei (which we get by changing the sign of the charge number and taking for the latter the appropriate value) gives results which fit, though not very accurately, the observed relation between the half-period and the maximum energy of the disintegration particle1. Though there seems to be a quantitative disagreement between Fermi's theory (applied to positrons) and positron disintegration, on the other hand the calculated values for K and Rb support Fermi's assumption of the existence of quadripole transitions of heavy particles, giving too big values for the half periods in comparison with the usual dipole disintegrations. [ DOI ]

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