Carbon Nanoscrolls on the Surface of Nanocrystalline Graphite and Diamond Filmsстатья

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[1] Carbon nanoscrolls on the surface of nanocrystalline graphite and diamond films / N. O. Skovorodnikov, S. A. Malykhin, F. T. Tuyakova et al. // Crystallography Reports. — 2015. — Vol. 60, no. 4. — P. 578–582. Nanocrystalline graphite and diamond films with needlelike nanostructures on their surface have been obtained by plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition. According to the experimental data, these aggregates have the same nature for films of both types: they are tubular carbon nanoscrolls with a polygonal cross section. Nanoscrolls are formed by a helically folded graphene sheet; they look like twisted prisms. The needlelike prismatic structures have an average diameter in the range of 50‒500 nm, and their length reaches several micrometers. Possible mechanisms of formation of carbon nanostructures are discussed. [ DOI ]

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