OGRAN setup in the BNO INR RAS in neutrino-gravitational correlation experimentтезисы доклада

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[1] Ogran setup in the bno inr ras in neutrino-gravitational correlation experiment / L. B. Bezrukov, V. A. Krysanov, A. M. Motylev et al. // Abstracts of XIIth International Conference on Gravitation, Astrophysics and Cosmology (ICGAC-12). — Vol. 1. — РУДН Москва, 2015. — P. 120–121. A new setup OGRAN - the large scale optoacoustical gravitational detector that structurally combines the principles of bar-detectors and interferometric is described. A large solid-state acoustic resonator with weighs about 2000 kg operates as gravitational wave detector. OGRAN uses optical interferometer readout for registering weak variations of gravity gradient unlike conventional bar-detectors [1]. At room temperature, its sensitivity is limited only by the bar Brownian noise. This setup is designed for detecting astrophysical catastrophes that generate bursts of gravitational radiation in our Galaxy and its nearest vicinity of _100 kpc using multichannel monitoring with Baksan underground scintillate telescope (BUST) in the Baksan Neutrino Observatory of the Institute for Nuclear Research, Russian Academy of Sciences (BNO INR RAS) [2]. The BUST is located in the Caucasus Mountains inside the mine under Andyrchy mountain under 350 m of vertical rock depth (850 mwe) [3]. The OGRAN setup located in the same mine not far and posses even greater thickness of rocks above laboratory and better filtration of the cosmic rays. The laboratory place has unique characteristics of seismic noise on the lowest part of the Peterson curve. [1] S.N. Bagaev, L.B. Bezrukov, N.L. Kvashnin, V.A. Krysanov, S.I. Oreshkin, A.M. Motylev, S.M.Popov, V.N. Rudenko, A.A. Samoilenko, M.N. Skvortsov and I.S. Yudin. A high frequency resonance gravity gradiometer. Review of Scientific Instruments, 85, 065114 (2014). DOI: 10.1063/1.4883901 [2] Rudenko V.N., Popov S.B. Multichannel GW burst detection with Baksan Neutrino Observatory setups. Proceedings of MG-13 Meeting on General Relativity, part C, pp. 2012-2016 [3] V.V. Alekseev et al., Izv. AN USSR ser. Phys., 1980, 44 (3): 609.

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