Otolith Morphology, Age, and Growth of Freckled Goatfish Upeneus tragula (Mullidae) in the Coastal Zone of Vietnamстатья

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[1] Otolith morphology, age, and growth of freckled goatfish upeneus tragula (mullidae) in the coastal zone of vietnam / D. A. Pavlov, N. G. Emel'yanova, T. H. Vo, B. T. Luong Thi // Journal of Ichthyology. — 2015. — Vol. 55, no. 3. — P. 363–372. Otolith morphology and microstructure of the sagitta are described in freckled goatfish Upeneus tragula. The first increments (from the second to sixth or eighth) are the most well defined, and subsequent zones of less contrasting increments are bounded by increments with more contrasting borders. These borders are less expressed close to the edge of the sagitta. The width of the majority of increments ranges from 1.5 to 2.5 μm. Based on the results of the experiments on in vivo marking of the sagittae, daily periodicity of incre ment deposition is supported. Age composition of the populations from the coastal zone of Vietnam (Nha Trang and Ha Long bays) is assessed based on the calculation of daily increments. The growth rate of the fishes is characterized by a substantial variation. In Nha Trang Bay, the females grow more rapidly than the males, and the growth rate of the fishes in Nha Trang Bay is lower than that in Ha Long Bay. Maximum age of the fish in both bays is 3 years 99 days and 2 years 129 days, respectively. [ DOI ]

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