Ferromagnetism in GaAs/InAs/GaAs Quantum Dot Layer delta-doped with Mnстатья

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[1] Kulbachinskii V. A., Oveshnikov L. N., Aronzon B. A. Ferromagnetism in gaas/inas/gaas quantum dot layer delta-doped with mn // Solid State Phenomena. — 2015. — Vol. 233. — P. 93–96. Transport, magnetotransport and magnetic properties of structures GaAs/InAs/GaAs with the InAs quantum dot (QD) layer have been investigated in the temperature interval 4.2<T<300 K. The structures were delta-doped by Mn from a one side to provide magnetic properties and by carbon from the other side to enhance the p-type conductivity. The ferromagnetic phase up to 400 K was detected by SQUID magnetometer. The anomalous Hall-effect was observed at low T. The role of additional disorder in conducting channel due to the QD layer was investigated. It is shown a principal role of a fluctuation potential of Mn layer separated from conducting QD layer by a spacer in anomalous transport properties of structures. The negative magnetoresistance was observed at low T due to the reduction of the spin-flip scattering by aligning spins in magnetic field. [ DOI ]

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