A Precise Solution of the Taskof a Bend in a Lattice Girder with a Random Number of Panelsстатья

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[1] Kirsanov M. N. A precise solution of the taskof a bend in a lattice girder with a random number of panels // RUSSIAN JOURNAL OF BUILDING CONSTRUCTION AND ARCHITECTURE. — 2018. — Vol. 37, no. 1. — P. 92–99. Statement of the problem. A scheme of a flat elastic statically determined beam girder of a periodic structure is proposed. Both belts of the girder are rectangular, the lattice consists of stands and braces. Efforts in the rods, bend and a horizontal displacement of a moving support of the girder under an evenly distributed load are determined. Results. Using the Moore integral, polynomial analytical dependencies are obtained for bends of the girder and critical efforts in certain rods on the number of panels, size and load. While generalizing particular solutions for a random number of panels, the inductive method is employed. It is noted that for the number of panels that are divisible by three the structure is kinematically changeable and the determiner of the equation system turns into zero. A field of possible velocities that correspond with that is presented. Conclusions. For the suggested scheme of the lattice of the girder there are compact formulas that allow the evaluation of the rigidity, strength and durability of the elements of the structure. The condition for the kinematic changeability that was identified is a warning for a practicing engineering that there are some unacceptable options for the system parameters.

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